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EmployAbility Services guides job seekers with all abilities to find and sustain meaningful employment.

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Our services are designed to assist individuals of all abilities in choosing, obtaining, and sustaining meaningful employment matched to their vocational interests and abilities.

We provide comprehensive Employment Planning & Job Placement services to help secure the most ideal position to meet your needs. We take the time to learn about a job seekers skills, abilities, interests and desires so that we can identify and secure the most ideal job match.

Our Services Include:

  • Discovery, Assessment, and Personalized Planning. We can help identify marketable job skills, discover new skills and interests, try skills out in a real work environment, complete job shadows, create job goals, and focus on the type of employment that will be successful.

  • Job Development. We will work to create and/or update resumes, research jobs,  network and contact businesses in the community, carve specific positions, assist with interviews, and much more.

  • Job Coaching. We provide on-the-job support to help with training, learning and meeting employer's expectations, communication, and doing the job effectively. This support will also include working through any obstacles or challenges that may arise, building relationships with coworkers and supervisors, and building confidence for success on the job.

  • Job Retention and Ongoing Support.       We will continue to provide services with the goal of securing natural supports, accommodations, and job stabilization.  We will provide support through job coaching, advocating through any problems that arise, and checking in as needed to ensure continued success.


Who do we work with for funding?

  • We work with the Amerigroup Foundational Community Supports (Medicaid)

Eligibility For Services.

  • Desire to work in the community.

  • Receiving or eligible to receive services from one of the following: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), or Amerigroup Foundational Community Supports (Medicaid).

  • Ability to actively participate in scheduled activities.

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