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Are You Ready to Find Your Next Talented and Dedicated Employee?

Make your next great hire with EmployAbility Services.

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EmployAbility Services committed to:

  • Finding dependable, dedicated, and productive employees for your company.

  • Providing support to your business to help ensure the job candidate's meets your business needs.

  • Further diversify your workforce through supported employment solutions.

  • Provide guidance and training the newly hired employee to perform specific jobs and tasks identified by you to reach maximum success.

  • Provide ongoing support to the employee and business to obtain the most successful outcome.


Every business is different yet the need for a team of hardworking, dedicated employees is universal.  

EmployAbility Services supports employers and job seekers every step of the way with free personalized training, job coaching, and guidance. We find highly capable and qualified workers for your open positions or help structure a job to fit one of our job seekers, to benefit both your business and the employee. 

Our goal is to fit the candidate’s skills to the job you need done.



EmployAbility Services works hard to carefully match an individual's skills, abilities, and interests, to specific jobs while also meeting your company’s needs.

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"From the very first meeting these folks have been professional, objective, careful, appropriately confidential, positive, clear, and helpful."

What's in it for Employers?

Hiring a qualified worker with a disability makes good business sense. Employers tell us that the below attributes have sold them on employing a qualified worker with a disability.


  • Dependability and Flexibility

Studies have shown that employees with disabilities have 40% lower rates of absenteeism compared to other workers and will often “step up to the plate” to take on new tasks, assist co-workers, or fill in when needed.

  • Employee Engagement

Employers report that hiring employees with disabilities contributes to improved morale and productivity. 80% of employers state employees with disabilities are as productive as any other employee.

  • Customer Loyalty

Research shows that employing people with disabilities taps into a growing market of customers with disabilities, $220 billion in discretionary spending each year. Further, 92% of consumers reflect favorably on businesses known to hire people with disabilities, with 87% preferring to do business with these companies.

  • Performance

Despite common misconceptions, people with disabilities perform just as well as any other employee once they’re in the right job. Many employers also find that workers with disabilities are among their most productive, and bring something extra to the table too such as a different perspective, a lateral approach to problem solving, or a different set of life experiences.


  • Tax Incentives

Businesses who hire individuals with disabilities may be eligible for sizable federal and state tax credits. One in particular is the Work Opportunity Credit that provides eligible employers with a tax credit on the first $6,000 of first-year wages of a new employee with a disability.

  • Return on Investment

Studies from the DOL have concluded that hiring individuals with disabilities lead to an increased profit margin of 30%!


  • Increased Profits

Many employers who have hired workers with disabilities have seen a positive impact on their bottom line. Diverse work groups can create better solutions to business challenges. Employees with disabilities often show up with a positive, can-do attitude and take great pride in their work.

  • Untapped Labor Pool

Employees with disabilities can ease concerns about labor shortages. Employees with disabilities often show up with a positive, can-do attitude and take great pride in their work.


  • Job Retention

Many workers with disabilities demonstrate a high degree of loyalty, often remaining with their employers for years, reducing turnover and adding stability to the workforce.


  • Everyone Benefits!

When we shift the focus to an employee’s ability, everyone benefits, from management to front line workers to customers! Hiring a qualified worker with a disability just makes good business sense.

All these benefits provided by EmployAbility Services come at no cost to your business and can improve your bottom line!

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